Eden Eternal: The All-Classes-in-One-Character Game

Tired of creating multiple characters just to try out a new class? Well then, try Eden Eternal; a Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG) created by a Taiwanese based online game developer X-Legend, published by Aeria Games for a Eden Eternal Gameworldwide audience. This game crosses the boundaries of old single-class online games. Eden Eternal features seventeen playable classes (some are still under development) that can be used by a single created character. However, the player must unlock the requirements to be able to use certain class especially the advanced ones.


The game is set on a futuristic medieval-like setting where they forgot the technological arts of the past. Here, the world is reverted into living simple life; only a select few are trying to relearn the forgotten technology of the past. Witness the large castles similar to the castles seen on other medieval online games, but prepare to encounter rogue robots abandoned and running amok on their cybernetic lairs; meet invading pirates trying to ravage the capitol city; to complete the chaos, who could forget the unknown forces of spirits and magic — prepare to see all of these on the world of Eden Eternal.

Character Classes:

Defense Class

Warrior – One of the two starting characters of the game. The warrior is your basic hack-and-slash character. This character is specialized for defense and is also a powerful single-target attacker.

Knight – An elegant but dangerous character to cross swords with. The knight is built for speed and evasion. These fellows are so fast; they can bind their targets with chains to prevent them from attacking.

Templar - a full armored, mace wielding templar is the definition of defense. This guy can use their holy power to attack multiple enemies while protecting their friends in battle.

Damage per Second (DPS) Class

Thief – A stealthy character of the shadows. Thieves are renowned for their cloaking and surprise attacks. So beware when cornering a thief, for you are the one who might get cornered.

Martial Artist – A disciplined mind and a strong bodied martial artist are able to attack fast and blow critical hits on the enemy’s vulnerable spots with deadly accuracy.

Blade Dancer – is a flexible acrobat. Blade Dancers use coordinated attacks to slay an enemy while retaining their graceful movements. And together with a Bard, they are able to do a deadly art of song and dance killer attacks.

Samurai – Wielding famous weapon the katana, the Samurai is able to deal attacks mimicked from nature. It is also capable of harnessing the power of the Asura to deal powerful attacks on enemies.

Ranged Class:

Hunter - Able to tame a dreaded sabertooth tiger, they are opportunistic opponents to mess with. They excel on range attacking any target while it is busy battling with their pets.

Engineer – One of the few people who want to tap with the potentials of their technological past. They use guns to fend off enemies and if that is not enough, prepare to see their battle armor that can fire a powerful oil bombs on to a horde of attackers.

Ranger – a long ranged, eagle companioned privateer. The ranger is able to set fear among the pirates of the seven seas. Using powerful ranged attacks, they rain arrows (or bullets) against their foes.

Healing Class:

Cleric – Men and women of the cloth. Clerics are the great healers of war and are able to tend wounded soldiers on the battlefield. They also raise their moral and fighting skills by praying to the Gods.

Bard – The hopeless romantic ones. Bards are able to cheer everyone in the battlefield with their songs while they irritate their enemies with their fiery attacks. A Bard together with a Blade Dancer can perform a deadly but graceful ballet together giving fear and appreciation to their companions and enemies alike.

Shaman – Calling upon the spirits of nature to aid them on battle, shamans are an asset to every conquering party as they heal using the power of nature. They also call upon sacred spirit totems to cause suffering to the enemies and comfort to their comrades.

Sage – The powerful wise men. They use their massive hammers to cause pain and destruction to their enemies while they use the same holy power to heal on their comrades.

Magic Class:

Mage – The second starting character of the game. Mages are masters of the arcane arts; command the elements to their bidding to be able to create powerful magic using fire, ice, and lightning to cast great fear among their enemies.

Illusionist – The trickster and court jester. Illusionists use their magic on trickery to be able to control the minds of their enemies to fight amongst themselves for a short period while they aid their comrades with haste spells and mana recovery spells.

Warlock – The master of the dark arts. They are not essentially evil, though they are able to use black magic, sickness and plague against their enemies. They are also able to summon monster pet through a dark spell.

All of these classes can be attained by a single created character on Eden Eternal. The only difference is the race you are playing, since there are five playable races which give different masteries amongst classes. These races are the Humans, the Zumi (rat-like beings), the Anuran (frog-like), the Ursuns (bear-like), and the Half-kins (similar to humans but has smaller size like hobbits of Lord of the Rings).

So, what are you waiting for? Choose your destiny by creating your own type of character without fear of picking a wrong class — only in the world of Eden Eternal.Enhanced by Zemanta

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A Love Story Based Online Game – Trickster Online

“A love story that surpasses the boundaries of time.”

tricksterTrickster Online is a 2D massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) developed by Ntreevsoft and is distributed by Gamerage for an international audience. Tricksters are anthropomorphic heroes containing the power of the Harkon. This game revolves around the story of three individuals that are immortal due to constant reincarnation. And in their every life, they always have and end on the same fate. Who will stop the curse of eternal misery? Play the game and find out.


The game starts when Don Cavalier, the richest gaming mogul passed away. But even though he already bit the dust, he still was able to outdo himself by creating Trickster — a reality game (like survivor) and the prize is his massive wealth! This news reached every corner of the globe attracting many kinds of people all interested on the wealth of the late Don. But this story hides something that’s far older than the Don himself. Through the game, you will find a love story that has crossed time; a young maiden by the name of Portina who sees strange visions, the ambitious Knight Scar, and the terrifying monster Enkicladus. Their story is set on a fabled Mirage Island home of the Alteo Empire. This island was lost, but after the death of the Don Cavalier, it resurfaced as if by coincidence. Here you will find the true origins of Trickster and your true mission on the game begins.


The game revolves based on four character types: Power, Magic, Sense, and Charm with two male and two female of each corresponding type.

  • Power Types play as physical damage makers on the game; having powerful melee attacks to send terrors on their enemies. You can play as a female amateur Boxer Bunny or a male Buffalo Warrior.
  • Magic Types are long ranged/wide ranged damage dealers of the game.  Here you can play a traveling female Sheep Librarian and a male Dragon Shaman.
  • Sense Types are the treasure hunters of the game. They exploit the strength of the unique feature of the game — drilling, by which you can use a portable drill to dig treasure underground. This character type is also good at compounding, where you enchant items with random stats. You can play as a gun slinging male Lion Engineer and a Foxy female Archeologist.
  • Charm Types are the body conscious type characters of the game. They often workout to get a full defensive build or a fast and highly evasive body type. Here, you can play as a female Cat Model and a Male Raccoon Teacher.

In-game Quests and Events

Trickster Online is packed with numerous and chaptered quests. And as your character levels up, the quests you have to finish sometimes depend on the character’s level, itself.  Every quest request varies from item dropped by monsters (regular or boss ones) to items or raw materials from drilling, compounding, or acquiring through finishing other quests.

The game has also updated and active events where players can enjoy participating in. The most popular events are the Trickster Anniversary and the Poppuri Event where they appear annually.

Trickster Online has so many features to offer with: in-game personal house, guild activities, player versus player wars, vending, couple and marriage system, and a lot more fun and excitement to keep the players hang on this love story derived online game.

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Pangya – An Online Golf: Game Mechanics, Features, and More

“Excessive gaming can be harmful to your health. Make sure to take a break and rest your eyes.” – The quote you will first see upon clicking on the Pangya game client. It is indeed so true; the game is very addictive and enjoyable you won’t be able to notice you’ve been playing the whole day.

PangyaPangya is a multiplayer, casual, and a free-to-download golf game. It has been designed by Ntreev and the idea of the game is quite simple: to mimic the real-life golf but with more exciting features. Its global publishers are the SG Interactive and Gamerage and its servers are located in North America for global service, in Japan and Korea for the countries they are located in, and in Thailand for the whole Southeast Asia.

The Courses

Unlike real-life golf where it can only be played one course for each competition, Pangya has almost 20 courses (each has 18 holes) wherein it can played at in just one seating. Moreover, these courses are not any ordinary golf courses in real life. Each course is uniquely designed to simulate different kinds of weather and environment. These courses include fields that can be good as beginner course, others are too windy, some have too much sand, several courses can be near a volcano or in an icy area, and many unique courses for more fun and exciting game.

The Game Modes

In Pangya, there are different modes of game you can play in to.

  • The Family Mode in which a player can actually play his/her own characters against each other; this mode is good as training ground to hit accurately for a target hole in a particular course.
  • The Ghost Mode is when a player competes other player’s recording of an 18-hole game even if he/she is offline or busy.
  • The Lounges or Player Squares are the areas where a player can just interact with or buy and sell in-game items with other players.
  • The Special Shuffle Course Mode is an 18-hole game with each hole is from randomized course, with the last hole is special, and gives rewards upon the completion of it.
  • The Versus Mode is where a player can compete against other players through turn based game in which the room host/starter will be the one to decide the course, how many holes, and single or team match of the game.
  • The Tournament Mode is the arena where four or more players will compete to each other in real time. It has three game modes: the Regular Tournament in which the player will have to complete a three, six, nine, or eighteen holes in a course where the room starter decided to play in to; the Team Tournament where a player get to choose his/her team (red or blue), will play against other team, and upon completion, the score of both teams will be tallied up and with the highest score wins; lastly, the Guild Battle, like Team Tourney, a player along with his/her guild mates will compete against other guild in game this time.
  • The Battle Mode is the last game mode of Pangya where players can gamble Pangs (Pangya currency) through Versus Mode-like game and through Approach where players have to hit the golf ball to the hole without getting chipped in; the closest and fastest player wins.

The Currency, In-game items, and more

Pangya’s in-game currency is called Pang. With this virtual money, a player can buy in-game items buyable through Pangs like clothes, golf balls or also known as comets, club set and even caddies, and other items that are useful on playing the game. Otherwise, a player has to buy credits from real money to be able to buy in-game items which are technically attributed much well than the regular items that can only be bought through Pangs.

The Characters, Special Skills, and Attributes

There are ten uniquely designed characters a player can play with. Each character has its own attributes that can determine if it’s good on long yardage, has a higher chance of hitting the ball or curving the ball, and has a long or short spins.

Basically and realistically, a golf ball can be hit as it is. Because it’s a computer game, Pangya can be played through mouse and/or keyboard alone wherein the spacebar is primarily used for hitting the ball and arrow keys are used for special skills. When initiating to hit the ball, tap the spacebar. A fast moving hit bar on the bottom of the screen will then be seen and tapping the spacebar the second time will determine the distance of the hit. Finally, in order to hit the ball accurately, a player should tap the spacebar once again when the moving bar hits exactly on the white area; a successful shot will then be made also known as Pangya Shot or shortened as Pangya.

Meanwhile, the Special Skills are used on hitting the ball. These skills can be used through the arrow keys plus a successful Pangya shot.

  • The Spin is used for stopping or extending the golf ball’s distance after several bounces by holding up (for forward) or down (for backward) arrow keys plus a Pangya Shot.
  • The Tomahawk is a fiery shot by tapping up and then down arrow keys plus a Pangya Shot.
  • The Cobra is an upward shot and then the ball bounces down until it stops. The keys used are right and up arrow keys, and a successful Pangya Shot.
  • The Spike is made by quick tap of right followed by down arrow keys and a Pangya Shot.

Pangya is a non-violent game as it is made to simulate the real-life golf; the characters, the environment, and game features are child friendly. In addition, the Game Moderators or the GM’s are very active in monitoring and supervising the Pangya community against any offensive deeds like hacking, spamming, or even cursing blatantly in-game. In addition, the game can be easily played as it does have a tutorial for beginners plus a free start-up items that can help players to get engaged in the game efficiently and enjoyably.


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Online Games: How You Can Use it Online

Today, the people of the whole world are using the same technology, even for farmgamesentertainments and pastime. Online game is the most favorite pastime allover the world. It is one of the best ways of global interactions also. One can access the domain of online games from any corner of the world. Millions of internet users allover the world play online games everyday. Different social networking website host online games too.

Below are some widely popular online games:

  • Adventure and action games- these types of games have very detailed and elaborate setting with fighting, war and a quest.
  • RPG games- these are role playing games. These are also free multi-player online games. Here, every player takes on a role of a character of a fiction. The role playing games focus more on social activities and interaction rather than on competition. This quality of this type of game makes it distinct from other types of games.
  • Mafia games-these games are designed based on the real mafia life. Players take on the roles of mafia Don such as John Gotti. Off course, when you play the role of a mafia don, in it, you are doing unlawful deeds. This game can be played by several players with activities ranging from illegal gambling, gun running, money laundering and other illegal activities.
  • The Sims- this is a social media game which is the detail of one’s everyday activities from home, one’s cultural behavior, relationship other materialistic movements designed in the game. It is an open minded and non definitive game.
  • Farmville- it was able to be the most popular Facebook online game in 2009. You will find a simulated farm activity in the game. You can do all the farm activities in the game-cultivate, plant, harvest, rear animals, and sell farm products. You can make your own garden using the farm and garden tools.
  • City Ville- this online game is designed on real time activities and careers such as collecting agent, farming, and a building contractor.
  • Pet society- the game is all about how you take care of your pets like in the virtual world like in the real life.

Since the online games are highly interactive, they are very much popular all over the world. Many of the online games are free. You can play them free. When you search for free online game, you can visit the social networking websites such as Facebook. You can choose your interest from a wide range of varieties. Everyday, you will find new games and new versions of the old games. Here is the real fun of online games. There is no chance that you will be bored to play the same game again and again. If you wish, you can play a new game everyday. When you play an old game with new updates, it gives you a new excitement. Online games is not only a good source of entertainment of and pastime, it provides you knowledge of different kinds.

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