A Love Story Based Online Game – Trickster Online

“A love story that surpasses the boundaries of time.”

tricksterTrickster Online is a 2D massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) developed by Ntreevsoft and is distributed by Gamerage for an international audience. Tricksters are anthropomorphic heroes containing the power of the Harkon. This game revolves around the story of three individuals that are immortal due to constant reincarnation. And in their every life, they always have and end on the same fate. Who will stop the curse of eternal misery? Play the game and find out.


The game starts when Don Cavalier, the richest gaming mogul passed away. But even though he already bit the dust, he still was able to outdo himself by creating Trickster — a reality game (like survivor) and the prize is his massive wealth! This news reached every corner of the globe attracting many kinds of people all interested on the wealth of the late Don. But this story hides something that’s far older than the Don himself. Through the game, you will find a love story that has crossed time; a young maiden by the name of Portina who sees strange visions, the ambitious Knight Scar, and the terrifying monster Enkicladus. Their story is set on a fabled Mirage Island home of the Alteo Empire. This island was lost, but after the death of the Don Cavalier, it resurfaced as if by coincidence. Here you will find the true origins of Trickster and your true mission on the game begins.


The game revolves based on four character types: Power, Magic, Sense, and Charm with two male and two female of each corresponding type.

  • Power Types play as physical damage makers on the game; having powerful melee attacks to send terrors on their enemies. You can play as a female amateur Boxer Bunny or a male Buffalo Warrior.
  • Magic Types are long ranged/wide ranged damage dealers of the game.  Here you can play a traveling female Sheep Librarian and a male Dragon Shaman.
  • Sense Types are the treasure hunters of the game. They exploit the strength of the unique feature of the game — drilling, by which you can use a portable drill to dig treasure underground. This character type is also good at compounding, where you enchant items with random stats. You can play as a gun slinging male Lion Engineer and a Foxy female Archeologist.
  • Charm Types are the body conscious type characters of the game. They often workout to get a full defensive build or a fast and highly evasive body type. Here, you can play as a female Cat Model and a Male Raccoon Teacher.

In-game Quests and Events

Trickster Online is packed with numerous and chaptered quests. And as your character levels up, the quests you have to finish sometimes depend on the character’s level, itself.  Every quest request varies from item dropped by monsters (regular or boss ones) to items or raw materials from drilling, compounding, or acquiring through finishing other quests.

The game has also updated and active events where players can enjoy participating in. The most popular events are the Trickster Anniversary and the Poppuri Event where they appear annually.

Trickster Online has so many features to offer with: in-game personal house, guild activities, player versus player wars, vending, couple and marriage system, and a lot more fun and excitement to keep the players hang on this love story derived online game.

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