Eden Eternal: The All-Classes-in-One-Character Game

Tired of creating multiple characters just to try out a new class? Well then, try Eden Eternal; a Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG) created by a Taiwanese based online game developer X-Legend, published by Aeria Games for a Eden Eternal Gameworldwide audience. This game crosses the boundaries of old single-class online games. Eden Eternal features seventeen playable classes (some are still under development) that can be used by a single created character. However, the player must unlock the requirements to be able to use certain class especially the advanced ones.


The game is set on a futuristic medieval-like setting where they forgot the technological arts of the past. Here, the world is reverted into living simple life; only a select few are trying to relearn the forgotten technology of the past. Witness the large castles similar to the castles seen on other medieval online games, but prepare to encounter rogue robots abandoned and running amok on their cybernetic lairs; meet invading pirates trying to ravage the capitol city; to complete the chaos, who could forget the unknown forces of spirits and magic — prepare to see all of these on the world of Eden Eternal.

Character Classes:

Defense Class

Warrior – One of the two starting characters of the game. The warrior is your basic hack-and-slash character. This character is specialized for defense and is also a powerful single-target attacker.

Knight – An elegant but dangerous character to cross swords with. The knight is built for speed and evasion. These fellows are so fast; they can bind their targets with chains to prevent them from attacking.

Templar - a full armored, mace wielding templar is the definition of defense. This guy can use their holy power to attack multiple enemies while protecting their friends in battle.

Damage per Second (DPS) Class

Thief – A stealthy character of the shadows. Thieves are renowned for their cloaking and surprise attacks. So beware when cornering a thief, for you are the one who might get cornered.

Martial Artist – A disciplined mind and a strong bodied martial artist are able to attack fast and blow critical hits on the enemy’s vulnerable spots with deadly accuracy.

Blade Dancer – is a flexible acrobat. Blade Dancers use coordinated attacks to slay an enemy while retaining their graceful movements. And together with a Bard, they are able to do a deadly art of song and dance killer attacks.

Samurai – Wielding famous weapon the katana, the Samurai is able to deal attacks mimicked from nature. It is also capable of harnessing the power of the Asura to deal powerful attacks on enemies.

Ranged Class:

Hunter - Able to tame a dreaded sabertooth tiger, they are opportunistic opponents to mess with. They excel on range attacking any target while it is busy battling with their pets.

Engineer – One of the few people who want to tap with the potentials of their technological past. They use guns to fend off enemies and if that is not enough, prepare to see their battle armor that can fire a powerful oil bombs on to a horde of attackers.

Ranger – a long ranged, eagle companioned privateer. The ranger is able to set fear among the pirates of the seven seas. Using powerful ranged attacks, they rain arrows (or bullets) against their foes.

Healing Class:

Cleric – Men and women of the cloth. Clerics are the great healers of war and are able to tend wounded soldiers on the battlefield. They also raise their moral and fighting skills by praying to the Gods.

Bard – The hopeless romantic ones. Bards are able to cheer everyone in the battlefield with their songs while they irritate their enemies with their fiery attacks. A Bard together with a Blade Dancer can perform a deadly but graceful ballet together giving fear and appreciation to their companions and enemies alike.

Shaman – Calling upon the spirits of nature to aid them on battle, shamans are an asset to every conquering party as they heal using the power of nature. They also call upon sacred spirit totems to cause suffering to the enemies and comfort to their comrades.

Sage – The powerful wise men. They use their massive hammers to cause pain and destruction to their enemies while they use the same holy power to heal on their comrades.

Magic Class:

Mage – The second starting character of the game. Mages are masters of the arcane arts; command the elements to their bidding to be able to create powerful magic using fire, ice, and lightning to cast great fear among their enemies.

Illusionist – The trickster and court jester. Illusionists use their magic on trickery to be able to control the minds of their enemies to fight amongst themselves for a short period while they aid their comrades with haste spells and mana recovery spells.

Warlock – The master of the dark arts. They are not essentially evil, though they are able to use black magic, sickness and plague against their enemies. They are also able to summon monster pet through a dark spell.

All of these classes can be attained by a single created character on Eden Eternal. The only difference is the race you are playing, since there are five playable races which give different masteries amongst classes. These races are the Humans, the Zumi (rat-like beings), the Anuran (frog-like), the Ursuns (bear-like), and the Half-kins (similar to humans but has smaller size like hobbits of Lord of the Rings).

So, what are you waiting for? Choose your destiny by creating your own type of character without fear of picking a wrong class — only in the world of Eden Eternal.Enhanced by Zemanta


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